M3 Query, a stateless query server for M3DB and Prometheus


Please note: This documentation is a work in progress and more detail is required. Query using PromQL Query using PromQL and returns JSON datapoints compatible with the Prometheus Grafana plugin. URL /api/v1/query_range Method GET URL Params Required start=[time in RFC3339Nano] end=[time in RFC3339Nano] step=[time duration] target=[string] Optional debug=[bool] lookback=[string|time duration]: This sets the per request lookback duration to something other than the default set in config, can either be a time duration or the string “step” which sets the lookback to the same as the step request parameter.
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Configuration file

M3 Coordinator and M3 Query share the same configuration options. # The server listen address listenAddress: <url> # Options for emitting metrics metrics: # Metrics scope scope: # Prefix prepended to metrics collected prefix: <string> # Reporting frequendy of metrics collected reportingInterval: <duration> # Tags shared by metrics collected tags: <map of strings> # Configuration for a Prometheus reporter (if used) prometheus: # Metrics collection endpoint for application # Default = "/metrics" handlerPath: <string> # Listen address for metrics # Default = "0.
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