Some common problems and resolutions Ports 9001-9004 aren’t open after starting m3db. These ports will not open until a namespace and placement have been created and the nodes have bootstrapped. Bootstrapping is slow Double check your configuration against the bootstrapping guide. The nodes will log what bootstrapper they are using and what time range they are using it for. If you’re using the commitlog bootstrapper, and it seems to be slow, ensure that snapshotting is enabled for your namespace.
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Is there a way to disable M3DB embedded etcd and just use an external etcd cluster? Yes, you can definitely do that. It’s all just about setting the etcd endpoints in config as etcd hosts instead of M3DB hosts. See these docs for more information on configuring an external etcd cluster. Is there a client that lets me send metrics to m3coordinator without going through Prometheus? Yes, you can use the Prometheus remote write client.
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